5 Ways to secure your home

The goal is to make your home a less attractive target. Keep the following in mind: Keep your yard neat and trimmed This ties in with point 1 from our last post - do not give the burglar any place to hide. Trim bushes neatly and keep them short. Also trim trees, especially branches that... Continue Reading →

5 Ways to secure your home (Electrical)

External lighting & Timers The idea is to give the burglar no place to hide.  Install good lighting near all entry points and place them on timers to automatically switch on as it gets dark. This way the lights will go on or off even when you are not home. Another option is having motion... Continue Reading →

Home Automation

A fully automated home should be a thing of beauty. It is delicate systems working together for a common goal, to have a more efficient, more comfortable and more user-friendly home that improves your quality of life. Top reasons why you should invest in home automation You’ll be able to monitor and manage all types... Continue Reading →

The basics on Energy Saving Solutions

With the price of electricity and the attention to sustainable living increasing, renewable energy technology for heating is becoming very popular. In most South African homes water heating is done by geysers taking electricity and converting it to heat. Solar heating and heat pumps offer a more sustainable and cost effective way to heat water.... Continue Reading →

Energy Saving In Your Home

The typical residential home consumes electricity as follows: water heating (geysers) 35%, food preparation 22%, space heating 18%, lighting 10%, space cooling 10% and other 5%. By saving energy can save you money as you’ll spend less on your electricity account each month. Saving energy is also important as producing electricity in South Africa is... Continue Reading →


OPEN PLAN DESIGN: HOW TO SECTION OFF ROOMS Last week we listed the advantages and disadvantages of an open plan living area. Should you decided to go this route, but still want each of the areas to feel separated? We have a few ideas…  If you are planning to build your new home, or are... Continue Reading →

Water Saving Tips

As part of Kwali Mark Construction’s water wise month we would like to share our water saving tips with you. Everyone needs to do their part in order to preserve our precious water resource. Interesting water facts: If you have a dripping tap with one drip per second you can waste up to 30 liters a... Continue Reading →

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