An Ecological Design

By starting in the design phase of your new building you can easily include all the bellow mentioned tips.

The best position for your building: determine where the sun is rising and setting, you can then maximize exposure to light and heat.

By making use of solar panels/solar pumps you take advantage of a clean and renewable energy sauce while saving costs on electricity.

Think about where you want shade in the summer time and arrange your garden accordingly.

Energy Saving Lighting (LED’s) is a great option for a more eco-friendly building. With a far longer life span and their energy saving capabilities they are not only ecological but also cost effective.

Insulating your building is great for your budget. Insulation cools in the summer and warms in the winter, with no insulation you can lose almost 50% of heat through the ceiling/roof.

Rainwater harvesting or a grey water system is now almost a given for most new buildings to include in their design.

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