Concrete, Did you know?


Waterproof and fire resistant?

Reinforced concrete is the only building material that is extremely resistant to water and fire. Concrete is fire proof meaning that is cant burn, can’t be set alight and it does not release toxins when in contact with flames. It can be used to shield yourself/something from fire has it has a slow heat transfer rate.

The use of special concrete mixes and membranes can make concrete practically water resistant. Which makes concrete the perfect building material to use for underground structures e.g. basements.

Concrete roads?

Concrete used for roads initially costs more but in the long run requires less maintenance and last longer. South Africa has the expertise and technology to design, construct and maintain concrete roads on par with the rest of the world.

Concrete and cement?

Concrete is made up of 60-65% aggregates (sand, gravel & crushed stone), 15-20% water and only 10-15% cement. Making cement an ingredient of concrete. Portland cement, a term most people know is not a brand but rather a generic term for a type of cement used in almost all concrete. The cement and water harden and bind the aggregates into a rocklike mass. Interesting fact: this process continues for years as the concrete gets older it hardens making it stranger as it gets older.

Concrete as a high end finish?

Concrete is a strong new trend for 2019 in interior design, not just in SA but all over the world. Concrete is being used as exposed, polished or epoxied, allowing your building material to form part of your décor. Some are using concrete as a “Feature wall”, leaving the casted concrete exposed or raw creating character.

World’s largest concrete structure?

The Three Gorges Hydroelectric Dam in China consists of 16 million cubic meters of concrete and 463 000 metric tons of steel! It took 40000 workers and over 12 years to construct it with 1.3 million people having to be relocated.

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