Curb Appeal

Do you have the curb appeal? There are different characteristics of driveways that will appeal to different people, it can be the cost effectiveness, visual appeal or that it has a long lifespan. You must be the one to decide what driveway will fit your style. Have a look at the various types of driveways.

The pavers look

There is a wide range of design choices available. This can be a more expensive choice. It is low long-term maintenance and can last for more than 20 years.

The Gravel look

Installation costs are low, there are maintenance requirements involved. It is quick to install and gives you a customized look to complete your house style.

The concréte look

It is versatile, durable, cost effective and low maintenance. Your style can be portrayed in the concréte look; it can be simple and traditional or made elaborately with different colors and textures, you can decide what design suits your style and personality.

Colour concrete


Exposed aggregated

Exposed aggregated concrete like what we did at a house we built in Blaauberg. We love this look! Check out the link:

The Shell Look

A beautiful driveway option will be the crushed shell. This comes in three varieties namely clam, oyster and scallop. They can also come in different colours, ranging from off-white, to brown or grey. This is an eco-friendly option and it provides excellent draining.

The Asphalt Look

Asphalt driveways are popular in The U.S. climate as colour retains the heat and that can help to melt snow quickly. It requires regular maintenance and they recommend that you seal the paving every three to five years.

The Pervious Concrete Look

This concrete has little to almost no sand in the mix; this allows the water to run through the surface. This gives you a rustic, textured look and feel which is environmentally friendly.

The Basalt Paver Tiles Look

This is an igneous rock that makes up most of the earth’s oceanic crust. This is hard, durable and dense; it’s a natural stone paver that looks beautiful in driveways and patios.  It comes in a grey-to-black colour which is suitable for modern architecture.

The Brick Look

This is truly an elegant choice because there is a wide range of rich colours and patterns you can choose from. If it is installed properly the maintenance costs will be low and this can last a lifetime.

Whether it is bricks, concrete or shells that suits your style and budget there is a perfect driveway for you. When looking at options look at the installation costs as well as the maintenance costs involved. In South Africa the most popular driveway is the brick driveway because you can choose your colour and design that is perfect for you, but don’t forget about the aggregated concrete look that is making its way in. It looks beautiful and will complement your home and architectural style.

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