Swimming Pool Options

There are a few different types of swimming Pools available to South Africans. These are fiberglass Pools, granite Pools, concrete Pools.

Concrete Pools

Concrete Pools are great for creating your own shape and size pool. Thus if you have a unique spot where you want your pool put no standard pool will fit then concrete Pools is your thing. Not only does a concrete pool allow you to customize the shape and size it also allows you to add your own features e.g. rock features and fountains.


Fiberglass Pools

This type of pool is easy and less hassle in the way that it is manufactured and then installed as a shell. Meaning that there is no long building or installation process, saving you money and time. These Pools are also designed in such a way that it fits in with the condition of the soil you have. They are flexible which means they are less likely to crack. Although these Pools are the easiest to install you can not personalize them with regards to shape and colour as much as other types of Pools.


Granite pools

If you are looking for a pool where you can add your own style or you want your pool to fit in with your homes style then granite is the way to go. These Pools allow you to add your own touch by putting in mosaic tiles, adding your own colour or your own shape.  This process takes a bit longer as there are more stages in creating the pool. First you did out your shape and size, steel bars are put in place, concrete gets sprayed on and then left to set. The next step is to add your tiles and finishes.

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Besides making the choice of the type of pool you want there is also the choice of the style of pool. You get beach style Pools which incorporates the beach into your pool. These Pools are fun and functional. They normally have a beach slope entrance instead of steps which allows easy access for the whole family from young to old and even the family pets.


The next style is a spa style pool. These Pools are normally for those how would use a pool to relax and unwind instead of swimming. They normally have jets in which help with relaxation, massage or soothing in the water. They are normally heated or can be set on a temperature for the water making it the perfect pool for all year round.


The last style pool is the infinity pool or edge pool. Normally seen on high up hotels, these Pools replicate the swimming pool where the water doesn’t seem to stop but rather flows over the edge. If you have a spot where you want to show off your views or want a pool on your roof then this pool is for you.

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