Windows Glam

Even though we look at them every single day, windows are usually not given much thought. It is regarded as purely functional aspects of a home, providing houses with security, ventilation, and natural light. Windows can show off a home’s personality and a homeowner’s style as well as any other decor feature.

In South Africa, we have the choice of aluminium, wood and uPVC windows. Each one has pros and cons that one should consider when making a choice for either renovating or building your home.

uPVC Window Aluminium Window Wood Window
uPVC Windows are relatively new to SA. They offer excellent insulation qualities. uPVC is more expensive than wood and aluminium but they do have a cost effective range. Aluminium windows provide maximum glass with its slim frame. They are durable and easy to maintain. The long lasting colour (4 colors available provides a high-end finish. Wood windows are aesthetically pleasing. They can be customized to various sizes and styles. The wood requires regular maintenance and is more expensive than aluminium windows.

If you don’t want to go through the trouble of replacing your windows there are many other small changes you can make to “dress up” your windows. Window treatments allow you to “add Colour” and texture adding to the design of the room.

Glass tinted frosted

For those who don’t want to have the fuss of curtains in their bathroom, for instance, using films to frost your window is a unique technique. There are many affordable films for frosting your window in Rooms that need privacy and light. A trend we see is to not frost the whole window in cases where there is more than one panel of a window or only frosting half of a large window. Another trend is decorative or functional films where it is adding to the look or functionality of the room.


Although these are used mainly to create privacy and keeping light out there are many ways in which you use them to create or give character. A Curtain should have pleats and folds in so make sure your curtains have a lot of “extra” fabric in the means of width. If you have the perfect colour or pattern curtains don’t forget about the thing keeping them up. The rods are just as important as the curtain, make sure you have the right proportion between window, curtain and rod. For Problematic windows use materials that completely cover the window, so that the casual observer believes the window to be larger than it actually is.


Shutters are not only functional but stylish as well. They let in natural light while adding to the Rooms design instead of looking like a window treatment. Not only are they used inside but also add to your house from the outside. Shutters can be useful when un-usually shaped windows need to be closed. Window shutters come in different styles, colors or martial depending on the look you are doing for.

Window Box’s

A wonderful way to add a bit of garden glamour to your home. It doesn’t matter what style or size window you have a box by your window will make a visual impact. You can fill it with anything from flowers, herbs or even vegetables e.g. tomatoes. Do take note that the box can become heavy with the soil, flowers and material used to make the box, so the support needs to be strong.

Attractive ways to make your windows safe

Worried about safety but don’t want to use ugly old-fashioned burglar bars here are some ideas:
Clear Guard screens offer stainless steel mesh for your security as well as an elegant solution. Aluminium Roller Shutters have a streamlined look and look good from inside and out. Cottage Burglar bars are ordinary burglar bars that create a cottage pane effect.

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