Light up your home

If you are thinking about a makeover for your house try updating your light instead. Lighting is crucial in any home, have you thought that each room needs a different type of lighting as each room gets different light at different times of the day! Here are a few tips and inspiration:


Play with Coloured lighting – colour effects your mood so use it to your advantage. Change the lighting colour of a room, you get bright colours such as blue and purple as well as different shades of White. Use colour to enhances the “feeling” you want to create.

Staircases – having a series of individual lights hanging at different heights will allow a link to be formed from one floor to another. This style of light can be seen anywhere on the stair or landings.

Note: Staircases should always be lit well as to prevent someone from missing a step.

DIY lights – if you want to change up your lighting with out spending big bucks, why not be creative!

A work of art – if you have the money splurge on a unique one of a kind light/Chandelier.


Focus piece – got the space create a focus decorative piece in one of your rooms by selecting a unique light or chandelier, this will also help with separating areas.

If you don’t want to go through a bid of construction of call in an electrician to change up your home’s light just change the shade. Select a shade that has cut out pattern that creates a design on the walls of the room or replace the standard shade for something new and exciting.


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