5 Ways to secure your home

The goal is to make your home a less attractive target. Keep the following in mind:

  1. Keep your yard neat and trimmed

This ties in with point 1 from our last post – do not give the burglar any place to hide. Trim bushes neatly and keep them short. Also trim trees, especially branches that can give access to first floor windows or doors. Leaving the big municipal bin in your front yard is another hiding place or it can be used to gain access to a balcony or a high level window. Lock away any tools or equipment (hammers, ladders) that can be used to break a window or help them gain access to your home.

       2. Close and lock all windows, doors and safety gates

This point does seem obvious, but there is a lot of people still leaving their homes open all hours of the day. Rather be safe than sorry and lock those security gates, at least. And this includes the windows and doors on the first floor. As mentioned above, it is really easy to gain access.

Never leave your keys in the lock, as the burglar only needs a screwdriver to take of the handle from the outside. He can then easily turn the key with pliers and he is in!

3. Do not show off

Do not make yourself a target by showing the entire world all your expensive possessions. Unfortunately the reality is that burglars watch our neighborhoods very carefully. They will see your brand new car if you do not park it in the garage. Someone will notice the box of your new 60inch TV on the curb next to the bin. Rather cut it up into smaller pieces and put it inside the bin. At night close all blinds and curtains so that no potential burglar can see what you have.

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     4. Dogs

No, it is not necessary to get two vicious Rottweilers. As long as a dog is barking, it is a guard dog. Dogs are capable of noticing frequencies about twice that of a normal human and can distinguish sounds roughly four times that of humans.But I would suggest keeping them inside as far as possible. This way they can wake you up easier with their barking. This can also eliminate the possibility of burglars hurting or even poisoning your dog to get access to your yard.



     6. Burglar bars and safety gates

For most South Africans this is pretty standard. These days there are a lot of different products on the market, and we can’t cover them all. Recently we did notice the popularity of the Security Shutters. These are almost impenetrable, without your home feeling like a prison. These shutters can be installed at windows and door. They open up to let light through, or the entire system can fold open, which is very useful at sliding doors or patio openings.



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