5 Ways to secure your home (Electrical)

  1. External lighting & Timers

The idea is to give the burglar no place to hide.  Install good lighting near all entry points and place them on timers to automatically switch on as it gets dark. This way the lights will go on or off even when you are not home. Another option is having motion sensor floodlights. This will automatically give away a possible burglar’s position and maybe even give him a fright! Remember to regularly check the light bulbs and always replace burned-out bulbs as soon as possible.

2. Alarm systems

An alarm system is probably the go-to solution for most people. And in most cases it is connected to an Armed Response Service – which is a good idea as they can check on your house when you are not able to do so! But having the specific Security Company’s notice board (Protected by ADT for instance) on your wall or in your window can make you a target. These notice boards tell the burglar exactly what alarm system is installed, and makes it easy for them to find info on how to disable it. Rather get a generic sign.

3. Electric Fence

Trying to keep possible burglars away from your house is probably the best place to start! Having a good quality and properly installed electric fence is of utmost importance. If you are planning to have it installed or already have, keep in mind that by law the installer must be registered to do so, and must supply you with an electric fence system certificate of compliance. (http://sans10400.co.za/new-electric-fence-law/)

But the best and most expensive system will be useless without proper maintenance! Regularly check that the fence is powered on and in good condition. Also ensure that you have a back-up battery in case of possible load shedding. Always respond should the alarm go off – there is usually a reason it was triggered!

5 Elec fence

4. Electrical access gates & intercoms

Once again this is to try and keep people at a distance. Audio and visual intercoms allow you to communicate with the outside world without letting strangers in your yard or near your house.

Install self-closures on pedestrian gates and set automated gates and doors to close after a pre-set time. This will ensure that these security gates are always closed.

5. Wireless Outdoor Electronic Beam Fence

The popularity of this system has grown tremendously in the past few years. This fence comes in a variety of brands that range in height, range and number of beams.  It can be installed indoors or outdoors, and makes for good perimeter security. The fence connects with infrared beams and should two adjacent beams be broken the main alarm is triggered.

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