Home Automation

A fully automated home should be a thing of beauty. It is delicate systems working together for a common goal, to have a more efficient, more comfortable and more user-friendly home that improves your quality of life.


Top reasons why you should invest in home automation

You’ll be able to monitor and manage all types of electronic devices (lights, home audio, motorized shades, security system, intercom, irrigation etc.) from the screen of a smartphone or tablet.

A home automation system helps prevent potentially bad things from happening by enabling you to monitor parts of your house conveniently from tablets or smartphones.

A lot of a home’s energy use is wasted because we don’t take the time to make the small daily adjustments needed to maximize it. An automation system can automatically adjust the geyser temperature based on the time of day. It can also open and close shades to take advantage of daylight.

Many people think that home automation is for lazy people but just think of a pregnant woman who can automatically switch off lights instead of getting up to do it or people with special needs, allowing them to feel independent.


So what is all the fuss about…

There is many devices out there on the market that is a simple do it yourself systems that gives you the ability to tap on the app and turn on a light or set the temperature of your geyser. Although for many this is an exciting and fun new gadget, but it is not even touching what a home automation system can do. Adding different individual smart devices to your home will leave you with a phone/tablet filled with individual Apps for each smart device.

This is fine if you are just looking to automate your security alarm or geyser but if you would like to have the ease of controlling many elements (lights, heating, security, music) a custom home automation system is for you. The perfect system will set your alarm earlier based on the calculations of the traffic on your route to work or clean the pool base on the weather! Now that’s cool

You’re hooked now what?

Find an automation company that you like  or visit a few to find the one that suits you best. Start discussing and finding out what is available and what is possible for your home. Then look at your everyday tasks or rooms in your home to see how you can automate them, here’s a few ideas:

  1. Automate one room at a time – normally this would be your living/dining/entertainment area, see what “items” you have in this room that can all be linked together (air-conditioning, TV, Sound system, lighting, window blinds).
  2. Combining 1or 2 systems – another way to test the waters before you automate your whole home, here are some combination ideas to start off with:
    • Blinds & Lights – combining these two will allow you to make the best of the sunlight during the day and save on your electrical light bill. This type of system should allow you to have a program where your lights will be automatically switched off when the sun is out and open your blinds and when it starts to get dark switch on your lights and close your blinds.
    • Intelligent Lights.jpg
      Heating & air-conditioning – this type of systems will allow you to programme your heating and cooling to switch off when you leave and switch on before you get home so that you enter a kief or warm home.
    • Electricity & security – to combine these two systems is a good idea because when you set your alarm system to off. or away your electricity automated system will automatically adjust to a setting where you will save you money.
  3. Decide where or if you have space for the automation controls, normally a garage is a good option or unused space under stairs.

What to look for when choosing a system

  • Pick a system that allows you to combined all the function of your automation system onto one interface (App on your phone or tablet) while still allowing you to install touch panels in your house.
  • Decide what spaces you will like to get involved in your home automation system and how they can be combined or controlled e.g. study, kitchen, patio, bedrooms, pool, dining room and cinema.
  • Get a system that is reliable and that does not rely on the internet, no internet means not automation system.
  • Choose a system that suits your needs now but also allows for expansion when you might want to add on to your home.

New and existing home

As we have discovered there are many exciting options for home automation when you are planning a new home but can you automate your existing home?

Ideally, a home automation system is designed during the initial construction of a home but an automation system can be installed in existing home. It is normally harder to design and sometimes install but it is possible. Most of the newer technology are wireless thus making it allot easier and faster to install automation systems in an existing home. Although going wireless to automate your existing home sounds quick and easy it still needs careful planning to allow you to really reap the benefits of an automated home.

If you are planning to build a new home but don’t have the money now to automate your home, just design your home in such a way that a system can be integrated at a later stage.

So we love home automation but don’t want to remodel our home.

There are many devices out there on the market that will allow you to have the feeling of home automation without the installation of a home automation system. Such as the Amazon Echo. This device works with voice control (hands-free), unlike a home automation system. The Amazon Echo can read audiobooks, news, traffic and even weather reports out loud on your demand.

It has recently added features that let you connect your smart home to your Amazon Echo allowing you to control your lights, fans and heaters all with your voice.

So there you have it, whatever your need or desire for using technology in your home, there is a possibility out there just for you.

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