Last week we listed the advantages and disadvantages of an open plan living area. Should you decided to go this route, but still want each of the areas to feel separated? We have a few ideas…

 If you are planning to build your new home, or are renovating, consider the following:

Use a kitchen counter or island to section off an open plan kitchen from the dining room or TV room. Add a bulkhead over the island or counter with down lights or a striking light fitting to add an extra design element and extra light.

Add split levels to your open plan design. This is a great option for a plot with a slope. By having even two, three or four steps from one area to the next will make it feel like a different room, but will still be open plan.

Pillars and beams in strategic places is another way to section off areas – if it fits the style of your home of course. Use it between the kitchen and dining, the dining and living areas, or even to section off the entrance area.

Go for something a bit different by adding bulkheads or suspended ceilings in certain areas to define it. Our idea is to have a bulkhead over a dining room table with a gorgeous chandelier.

Use folding or sliding doors inside to temporarily enclose an area. The doors stack/slide away should you want the area to be open plan, and easily close to lend some privacy. It is ideal between a bedroom and en-suite, and could even be used if you prefer the braai area to be closed off from the house when it is in use.

Another way to get that open-plan-but-still-closed-off feeling is by using sandblasted glass panels and doors. Section off a scullery or pantry from the kitchen or use it between the bedroom and en-suite.

By adding a central fireplace between the living area and the dining area will separate the two rooms, and add some warmth. This is practical, functional and adds aesthetics to your home.

Of course you do not need to do any structural work to section off your existing open plan living area. We have a few ideas for that too…

Add bookshelves (free standing or built-in) between living areas to section it off.

Place a piece of statement furniture to divide two areas, like a corner couch to define the TV room.

Room dividers are another easy option, and these days we have a lot of options to suite any style.

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