Concrete, Did you know?

Waterproof and fire resistant? Reinforced concrete is the only building material that is extremely resistant to water and fire. Concrete is fire proof meaning that is cant burn, can’t be set alight and it does not release toxins when in contact with flames. It can be used to shield yourself/something from fire has it has... Continue Reading →

Curb Appeal

Do you have the curb appeal? There are different characteristics of driveways that will appeal to different people, it can be the cost effectiveness, visual appeal or that it has a long lifespan. You must be the one to decide what driveway will fit your style. Have a look at the various types of driveways.... Continue Reading →

Swimming Pool Options

There are a few different types of swimming Pools available to South Africans. These are fiberglass Pools, granite Pools, concrete Pools. Concrete Pools Concrete Pools are great for creating your own shape and size pool. Thus if you have a unique spot where you want your pool put no standard pool will fit then concrete... Continue Reading →

Cupboard creations

Cupboards can be a design aspect where you create a feature wall with creative cupboards or you can go for something a little more simple like a build in cupboards that creates usable space for TV units and books. You can be very creative with your style of design, anything is possible. Cupboard Under the... Continue Reading →

Windows Glam

Even though we look at them every single day, windows are usually not given much thought. It is regarded as purely functional aspects of a home, providing houses with security, ventilation, and natural light. Windows can show off a home’s personality and a homeowner’s style as well as any other decor feature. In South Africa,... Continue Reading →

Light up your home

If you are thinking about a makeover for your house try updating your light instead. Lighting is crucial in any home, have you thought that each room needs a different type of lighting as each room gets different light at different times of the day! Here are a few tips and inspiration: Outside lights are as... Continue Reading →

Personal Protective Equipment

As per the regulations, PPE can be defined as all equipment that is required to be worn by a person at work to protect him against one or more risks that are harmful to his health or safety. It is the contractors responsibility to identify hazards and to make an attempt to remove the hazards... Continue Reading →

5 Ways to secure your home

The goal is to make your home a less attractive target. Keep the following in mind: Keep your yard neat and trimmed This ties in with point 1 from our last post - do not give the burglar any place to hide. Trim bushes neatly and keep them short. Also trim trees, especially branches that... Continue Reading →

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